Tailor made offers with beacons
Tailor made offers with beacons
Patricia Alvarez   |    December 15, 2016  Uncategorized

One of the most fantastic uses of Bluetooth beacons in regular, retail businesses, is the way you can implement checkout. Checking out may never involve lining up again. It will be all implemented by Bluetooth beacons and intelligent server-side software.


Entrance beacons

As your customer enters the doors of your shop, she will get in touch with an entrance beacon, like an iBeacon, which can do a series of things, for example, trigger a reward or voucher for entering the store. The mind-blowing thing is that this reward could be tailor-made based on the prospects previous buying history. All kinds of information can be accessed here if the right applications are in place server side. If the prospect is currently a client with a competitor, you would know it and could give her especially attractive offers.


First time

In fact, think about how offers could be entirely designed with the client in mind. The thinking about tailor-made offers in marketing is that if you have someone who is not your client and is not thinking about becoming your client, but still has an interest in the things you’re selling, then you could give this person an attractive offer so that she could make that first buy. This is an important step because once the prospect has become a first-time client, strong psychological mechanisms are in place, and with a little (or a lot of) help, she can become accustomed to the buying experience in your store, and you’ve just won a lifetime client.


Getting data

So, let’s say a non-client is passing your store, and noticing a product. As she enters and gets in touch with your platform, like Eddystone, all kinds of information about her preferences, previous buys, competitor preference, etc., will become available, and your software will analyze it and immediately send her a tailor-made offer. This offer will have a much higher conversion rate, so right there we see a fantastic use of beacons. Even if beacons had no other function, just being able to shoot out tailor made, personal offers would be enough for it to be a sensational success.


Different zones

Just like WiFi heat map software helps you understand your WiFi zones, you can analyze your shop so that it sends out the right offers at the right time, and place, within your shop. At the entrance, general offers are best. But once the prospect is browsing the shelves, you could get a lot more specific.