Lg 360 cam- Best camera for Photography?
Lg 360 cam- Best camera for Photography?
Patricia Alvarez   |    January 24, 2014  camera

Lg 360 cam- Best camera for Photography?


The amazing 360 Camera is not a daily camera. It is type of 360-degrees camera that may captures photos and videos, shooting all the way with you in an exceedingly one image. VR has enlarged the people’s curiosity in 360 pictures and videos since the past few months, this can be your probability to make wonderful Virtual reality ready pictures and videos that may be posted on your Facebook or on YouTube.
It doesn’t appear as if a daily camera in any respect. Once it’s off, the Lg 360 Camera appearance additional like an outsized lipstick, and once the duvet is raised off, it have two rounded, hogged lenses on each side, and have no screen. The duvet is clipped to bottom of lg 360 Camera to act sort of a little appendage. There is a button present on front and one click captures a shoot, whereas pressing it downwards starts video recording.
Light in weight

How does one take footage with no screen? Keep in mind, it doesn’t conclude wherever you purpose Lg 360 Cam, as a result of it produces an all-inclusive image of the planet. If you need to have eye on what’s occurring, the incidental 360 Camera app options a far-off view finder, and it’s useful to gauge and tell you your progress once walking around giant, field areas. On camera’s bottom, could be a flap which covers a rack mount, the new USB port of Type-C for charging, and also the place for a Micro SD memory card. You have to insert a card into before you begin taking any footage, as a result of there is no usable internal space for storing, and mean previous LG doesn’t offer a card.

Compact and beautiful
The whole issue is compactness and light-weight, thus you ought not to spend in an exceedingly huge camera case to hold it around. It will simply slip into your pants pocket. There is no need to connect and along with your Smartphone to require footage either, thus you’ll be able to use it anyplace, any time. This can be an enormous profit for the 360 Camera, and it’s essential for its charm.
Connect with different devices

The lg 360 cam needs a bit additional than Cam and advance modules and the LG Friendly app is intended to create association and connection with modules straightforward, and for the plug-in accessories, It did not do something a lot of in any respect, outside of package for updates. It’s additional difficult, since the cam wants a wireless association to Smartphone.