App Store Ranking Techniques
App Store Ranking Techniques
Patricia Alvarez   |    March 5, 2011  Tech

App Store Ranking Techniques


App store rankings have a prominent position, now a day, in the mind of both the app developers and the stores. These stores contain about 1.3 million apps and it is the ranking that makes certain apps stand apart from the others. All the Android and IOS users download only the apps with top rankings and never go to bottom to search for others. Therefore, the top rated apps are likely to be downloaded more than the other apps. Just 1% of apps lie in this category and the rest 99% apps are considered useless. There are some techniques to be employed when ranking the apps in a store. These are:


1-Use of Languages

The very first technique to use in the ranking of apps on app store is the use of languages. The more languages used in the app store will clearly increase the number of downloads and this ultimately increases the ranking. For example, there are four types of English language to be used in app stores. All the languages should be included in the application to increase its chances of being downloaded. In the same way, the other than English language should also be given due importance because each language represents a particular class of people,

2-Use of Keywords in Title

Another technique to get higher ranking in the app stores is the use of keywords in the title. Before November 2015, this idea was not common in most people. But after that keywords are being regularly used in titles also. This addition of keywords in titles is different from key words used in the app description because the description comes after the title and is seldom read by the people. Whereas, title is something that is read by almost all the people and if it has a keyword, it adds to its importance.

3-Avoid Descriptions

Another thing to remember is that according to modern techniques of improving ranking, there is no effect of descriptions on the overall rankings. Therefore, it is advisory not to waste time in inserting the key words in the descriptions but to go further on the other apps. Here, it is important to note that key words play a great role in Google searches but in an app store their role is not clearly defined.

To sum up, we can say that these techniques are an important tool to increase app store rankings of apps on all the stores.